Karl Anders Vaikla

About me

Intrest towards photography came from primary school when i got new phone which was capable to take decent 3,2mpx photos. It was almost 8 years ago. I remember that it was Nokia but i dont remember seires anymore. So i just started to annoy my classmates by making silly photos and videos of them during the school. It was little bit easier to start for me because my father had already bought a camera before that, so i didn`t have to bother myself to buy a new one. It was Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 which is still my main workhorse. My Pictures got better and better, although if i look my very first captures right now, they are not so good at all. I guess it`s like that for every artist at the beggining. I received my first prize in the "Estonian Nature Photo of the Year"  contest and i can say that this was one of the biggest push for me to become proffesional photographer in the future. I decided to make Instagram account, which has now over 5000 followers. Nowdays i am a university student at the Baltic Film and Media School in the field of cinematography. 

Thank you for being here and supporting my work. 


Instagram @vaiklaphoto